Amarillo Wedding – Margaret + Jonathan

This is our first wedding for the year 2013.  Margaret (Matthews) and Jonathan Frederick were an amazing couple to work with.  When we first arrived in Clarendon, just outside of Amarillo, the girls were just arriving also from a salon I think.  Margaret didn’t even have her dress on yet and she was stunning.  The church is one of the oldest, if not the oldest church in the Texas Panhandle.  We were not allowed to take any shots during the ceremony, even though I think Art Gray may have snuck a few in there:)

The ceremony was decorated by Freeman’s Flowers, who also designed the bouquets and flower girls arrangements and looked like they came right out of a magazine.  Marie Bean was the wedding coordinator and did a fantastic job! Kim Wood from Amarillo did the girls makeup and did such a great job touching up before the ceremony too. When we shot their engagement pictures, I noticed Margaret and Jonathan balanced each other out and during the wedding you could tell how relaxed and comfortable they were together.  It’s amazing to see two people in love who are also obviously best friends.  The reception was at the Amarillo Country Club and the couple was surprised with their very own firework show!  Their wedding portraits are gorgeous and I don’t think any of us at Gray’s Studio could be any happier:)

Congratulations Margaret and Jonathan!

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